Three Dimensions
memorization in concert with 3D form

PI(E) 2014 | 9" diameter | Silicone, pie tin, vibration motors.
PHONE CALLS | 2014 | 34" x 26" | Model cell phones, canvas, oil paint, vibration motors.
Vibration motors embedded in the phone vibrate in mimesis of me recalling π from memory.
Evan Daniel: Material
π CYMBAL | 2014 | 18" diameter | Acrylic on broken 1960's Zildjan cymbal, π written from memory to 4,996 digits.
π begins at the outer diameter (upper right quadrant) and spirals in.
Evan Daniel: Material
JUG | Collaboration with Angelo Kozonis | 2014 | 12" tall | Cellophane, electrical tape, oil paint, two paragraphs of Wikipedia's entry for "Jug" written from memory.
Evan Daniel: Marble Sock
SOCK | 2013-2014 | Sock-sized | Marble, pen, 600 digits of π written from memory

This is soft, rubbery cast of a pie that vibrates in different places to mimic me recalling π from memory.

A related work is Phone Calls, in which vibrating phones mimic one of my recitations of π.

This is a cymbal my father used as a drummer which he gave it to me when I started playing drums as a teenager. I was always rather hard on the cymbals, and one day when I was playing the bell of the cymbal broke off in one piece.

This was a collaboration in which formal experimentation was supplemented by the act of memorizing two paragraphs of a definition of "jug".

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