random numbers and entropy
ENTROPY CONSERVATION | 2016 | PR2 coded with Robot Operating System (ROS) with Python
Special thanks to Chris Eriksen, Dr. Bill Smart, and OSU Robotics. This project was realized through the support of RISD's Maharam Fellowship.
Evan Daniel: Digital
The input I provide is collected, checked, translated, and prepared for the robot in four ROS nodes
Evan Daniel: Digital
Before using the PR2 itself, I used RViz and Gazebo simulation to aid in writing the ROS Python code

The digits of π are random (at least internally). Here, the randomness or "entropy" I generate by typing π is offset by a robot.

I type π from memory into a laptop, which evaluates my progress and controls a robot to move with proportional degrees of randomness. The more efficiently I recall π the simpler the movement of the arms, while slowness and inaccuracies lead to complexity.