buying art by mistake
Evan Daniel: Digital
Work purchased through πBay
Evan Daniel: Digital
πBay took this picture of me through my webcam the moment I made the error.

πBay is π memorization software that punishes mistakes in π with purchases on eBay.

With each error, the program increments the amount it's bidding and searches eBay for art. It also takes a photograph of me the moment I make the mistake. If the bid wins the item, I must buy it.

My intent is to address the game-like nature of knowledge, authorship, and the fact that numbers may represent anything.

According to the πBay's files, the error occurred at 4:03.23AM on September 8th, 2016. The error occurred at digit 5980, when a 5 was typed instead of a 1. 62 errors occurred before the item was purchased. The maximum amount that I could bid (as determined by the program) was $25.199986.