you might also call it pi-ntillism
pi-xel self portrait
SELF PORTRAIT | 2018 | 16" * 20" | Oil on canvas, π written from memory (starting at digit 9,000).
BREAKTHROUGH | 2014 | 12" * 12" | Conte on panel, π written from memory to 8,000 digits by hand.
SCHRODINGER | 2014 | 24" * 36" | Pen on canvas, π written from memory to 9,500 digits.
A photograph was copied using a grid and computer image processing for reference.

I'm literally painting and drawing with π as I recite it from memory. Sometimes the color or value of the digit serves to form the image. Other times it is the space between numbers. Sometimes the work is done completely by hand (Breakthrough), and other times with griding or computer assistance (Schrodinger).