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TAKE A NUMBER | May 24th to June 3rd, 2017 | Performance and installation
Evan Daniel: Take a Number
Sculpting digit 6468

Evan Daniel: Take a Number
Sculpting digit 8835

Evan Daniel: Take a Number
Sculpting the very first digit: the '1' in 3.14 (the first thousand digits were done in my studio to test the system)

Sculpting digit 9999 (wearing my RISD commencement robes from earlier that day)

In TAKE A NUMBER I use π as a framework for sculpting a block of marble, counting the strikes of hammer on chisel for each number. I look in my memory for the next digit, hit the chisel that many times, and submit the number by pressing a button to my side.

Each number is checked by a computer, which keeps track of what digit I'm up to and signals when I'm right or wrong by flashing a green or red light. If I'm wrong, I must enter the correct digit.

The debris from the stone are funneled through the front of the device. The debris and the stone arguably contain information about the digits of π; hence, the audience is invited to "take a number" collecting pieces of stone.

For each time the chisel is struck, the computer takes a picture of me carving. Collectively these pictures serve as another expression of the numbers as they are carved.

Cognitively this is a significant act, with concurrent threads of counting, numerical recall, and the creation of sculptural form.

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